WeChat - From WhatsApp clone to global player

The news service WeChat, developed in 2011 by Tencent, is a chat and messaging service, similar to WhatsApp. The app currently supports 18 languages and is available in over 200 countries and regions. The unfamiliarity of the app in Germany is simply due to the timing. When Tencent had programmed the app to support English and other language content, it was just too late to get a head start. Others had already taken the seats, especially WhatsApp.


Logistics colossus China

Logistics colossus China - A rise without borders

For years there have been many articles on the Internet and in conventional media about China, its rise as an economic power and how we in the West can best deal with it. Here, however, the main focus shall be on the logistics in the background, i.e. the driving force without which, this rise and China's further expansion in the future would never be possible. Furthermore, we compare different means of transport, discuss their advantages and disadvantages as well as the respective delivery times and round everything off with a conclusion including an outlook.

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